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What does TPM mean?

Third Party Maintenance - TPM (third party service) is the hardware support solution offered by a service provider unbound by the manufacturer. TPM service is extra efficient in a hybrid model, with a mix of manufacturer support and TPM service provider support. The goal is to maintain the right service and support on a variety of integrated systems and platforms - which make up the IT environment.

TPM on selected systems means a number of benefits that release resources, lower costs, and simplify administration and management.

TPM agreements average about 60% - 90% cost reduction compared to traditional manufacturer support

The flexibility in TPM agreements provides both easy administration and asset control - regardless of type or manufacturer

Efficient and fast case management, follow-up and reporting - linked to regular service meetings

Extended the lifecycle on IT equipment - a TPM agreement enables fully capable systems to survive for several years

Access to experienced data center technicians with broad skills - paying less does not mean lower quality - rather the opposite!

Access to local spare parts and complementary products from  own warehouse - regardless of type of system or generation

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När ska jag välja TPM?

Tillverkarnas livscykel på system bygger normalt på 3 års aktivt nyttjande, där sedan rekommendationen är att uppgradera eller byta ut systemet mot nyare version. Denna önskade livscykel från tillverkarna drivs normalt inte utifrån ett kundperspektiv, utan styrs av faktorer som ekonomi, resurser mm i IT-industrin.

Nedan ser du en typisk "önskad" livscykel från IT-tillverkare, där man som kund styrs mot korta nyttjande-perioder och ständiga teknologibyten:

År 1

Inköp av system med
3 års tillverkarsupport

År 3

Tillverkaren rekommenderar utbyte

År 5

Systemet annonseras "end of life"

År 7

Sista året som det går att få support & service från tillverkaren

År 10

Ingen service eller support går längre att få

When is TPM an alternative route?

Manufacturers' life cycle on systems usually builds on 3 years of active use, since the recommendation is to upgrade or replace the system with newer versions. This desired life cycle from the manufacturers is usually not driven from a customer perspective, but is governed by factors such as finance, resources, etc. in the IT industry.

Below you will see a typical "desired" lifecycle from IT manufacturers, serving as a customer against short usage periods and constant technology exchanges:

Year 1

Initial purchase with a 3 year support & service warranty

Year 3

Manufacturer recommends system upgrade or exchange

Year 5

The system is announced "end of life"

Year 7

Last time you can order support

Year 10

No service or support is available

By choosing an alternative route with a TPM service agreement, systems can survive, unnecessary investments move forward and can be planned aswell as resources are released. With a TPM agreement, several different systems and individual components can be collected in a single agreement and with one single service provider.

Through global collaborations and well-developed processes there is a guarantee with access to microcodes and version updates, while at the same time it is as good or often better service at a significantly lower cost.

An option with the life cycle with TPM may look like below:

Year 1

Initial purchase with a 3 year support & service warranty

Year 3

The system is fully capable and can ccontinue to operate with full support through a TPM service agreement

Year 5

The equipment continues to operate without new investments via TPM

Year 7

The system can be adapted to other applications, where the TPM service agreement is adjusted to the actual needs

Year 10

You as a customer have extended the life cycle from 3 to 10 years via TPM service and utilized your investment to the full extent!

Our TPM offering

  • 24/7 Support Critical Support
Data Center
  • Enterprise Server & Storage
  • x86 Server
  • Network
  • Converged & Hyper-converged
Remote Office/Branch Office
  • Network | Wireless
  • Egde Computing
  • Onsite support by trained techicians
  • Call-home monitoring
  • Install, move, add & change
  • Remote hands
Hardware - preowned & new
  • Network | Server | Storage
  • Optics | Memory | Drives | NICs
  • IT Assets Disposition | Asset Reccovery
Professional Services -
Project based engagement
  • Discovery
  • Implementation
  • Migration
  • Health-check
  • Consulting
Managed Services
  • Network | Server | Storage
  • Optics | Memory | Drives | NICs
  • IT Assets Disposition | Asset Reccovery

Why choose Shibuya?

Lower cost of operation

We offer a broader range of competencies and experiences to handle all types of systems and components in your data center, while offering more and better service options for your systems across all stages of the life cycle.

Being able to keep older types of systems functional over a longer period of time also prolongs the life of the IT investment and avoids unnecessary investments until the organization is ready for an upgrade.

Efficiency and control

With TPM, you get a single point of contact that saves valuable time and effort by providing service and support to multiple manufacturer brands, all of which are included in the same contract.

Eliminate disputes or delays that are likely to arise by having multiple service providers. Depending on equipment, we can deliver a range of custom service options and individual SLAs.

Higher availability

As a TPM customer, you rest assured that critical system components and all required spare parts are available without any delay when needed.

Through local depots and global central warehouses, we cover all types of systems from a large number of manufacturers.

Exceptional customer support

The Shibuya 24/7 Service Operations Center is responsible for logging all incidents and either solving them immediately or escalating the case to one of our experienced Level 3 technicians who monitors each shift.

All cases are tracked in our systems to ensure that the correct SLA is met and to provide customers with continuous information about each case. You as a customer can feel confident that no case will be left without action.

Do as hundreds of companies and organizations around the Nordic countries and Europe -
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Want to know more?

Many businesses have chosen Shibuya to change their way of delivering IT services. They are of different sizes and orientations, but they have something in common.

It is to build a long-term partnership with a committed, competent and experienced partner who can help them change their IT environment without taking risks.

That partner is Shibuya. Contact us and we will tell you more about how we successfully completed projects with our customers.

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