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Be assured that we always choose the best solution - independent from the supplier

Carefully selected

Our carefully selected partners are all leaders in their field and cover our competence areas MANAGE, CONNECT and SECURE.

We are continuously working to ensure that our partner portfolio has the right balance between both innovative and more established technologies.

Each partner is chosen for their products and solutions to help our customers reduce risk, lower costs and, above all, deliver better IT services.


Together with our partners, we strive to constantly challenge the limitations of technology and established perceptions of "how it should be"

Our customers should never have to choose between saving money and investing in the capacity they need to ensure an efficient IT environment in the long run.


In order to ensure that our customers receive the best possible support and service from us, we continuously invest in  training and certification of our own technical consultants, support technicians, architects and sales representatives.

We currently have over 250 certifications.
It makes us one of the industry's most merited businesses - and gives our customers confidence in the skills we can  provide.

Our selected technology partners

Memberships & alliances

About Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya has the confidence from leading companies and organizations in Sweden in different industries to ensure that their infrastructure is cost-effective, accessible, scalable and reliable.

Shibuya delivers practical and innovative solutions and services, both customer-unique and standardized.

Shibuya's documented experience of business-critical environments ensures that the results live up to your high expectations - in every step - in every part.

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