Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo is one of the world's busiest intersections

But even though thousands pass the four-way crossing every hour, it works surprisingly well. We find that many IT-managers are in similar crossings, without having full control of all mechanisms in the interaction between IT and business.

The symbolism between our name and our focus is clear - we make sure that the intersection of IT and business works in harmony

The strength of change

We find that many IT-managers are in the midst of an ever increasing amount of business related demands.

"Prepare for I-O-T," "Make us competitive with IT," "Make sure we're protected from intrusion", "Get something that's future-proof", "Make sure our IT solutions are customized."

Our experienced employees have for a long time helped customers identify and implement these change processes.

Experience & expertise

Even though we have not been around since the birth of the computer, our long experience has made our customers safe and satisfied.

Therefore, most of our customers have been with us for a long time. In many cases, we are their most important and most valuable partner.

Every IT environment is unique, and has its complexity. Therefore we are not trying to live on old merits.

Instead, we try to look at every IT environment with fresh eyes and find the potential.

Work with you

Successful solutions require close cooperation. Therefore, we would rather not work for you, we want to work with you. We want to understand your challenges, we want to understand your expectations.

We have been the safe partner through technology shifts, complex challenges and tough business demands.

That is what is behind our overall offer, Manage, Connect, Secure & Services

Short facts about
Shibuya Crossing

  • Privately owned corporate grouping with active owners

  • Merger between TSS AB and Enjoy IT, since 2013

  • Active since 1999

  • Highest credit rating

  • Around 30 employees

  • Turnover approximately 70 MSEK (2016)

  • 24/7 Operation and Support

  • Strategic partnerships with leading technology manufacturers

  • Specialists with over 250 certifications

  • Reference solutions in many of the Nordic region's most business critical IT environments

Want to know more?

Many businesses have chosen Shibuya to change their way of delivering IT services. They are of different sizes and orientations, but they have something in common.

It is to build a long-term partnership with a committed, competent and experienced partner who can help them change their IT environment without taking risks.

That partner is Shibuya. Contact us and we will tell you more about how we successfully completed projects with our customers.

About Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya has the confidence from leading companies and organizations in Sweden in different industries to ensure that their infrastructure is cost-effective, accessible, scalable and reliable.

Shibuya delivers practical and innovative solutions and services, both customer-unique and standardized.

Shibuya's documented experience of business-critical environments ensures that the results live up to your high expectations - in every step - in every part.

Contact info

Office addresses:
Frösundaviks Allé 1
169 70 Solna

Plantagegatan 7

413 05 Gothenburg

+46 (0)8 446 58 90

Shibuya 24/7 Support

For customers with active Shibuya Support Agreement, call or contact us as below.
For general service issues or inquiries, please contact us by email below.

+46 (0)8 446 58 30

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