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Our areas of expertise

Software Defined Storage

If IT is to keep the rest of the organization in good mood, a very fast-paced data storage is required, meeting both new requirements and integrating older legacy systems without increasing cost and complexity.

The key to solving all this is Software Defined Storage, separating the logic from the underlying storage device

Backup and Archiving

By applying new technology, the backup solution provides improved integrity, simpler processes and help you meet higher availability requirements. By analyzing and evaluating stored information while weighing in accessibility and performance requirements, we can offer a perfectly customized backup solution.

We use functional technology as deduplication to reduce the size of the backup and speed up restore.

Converged infrastructure

Using new technology purpose built for converged IT infrastructure, the various components integrate a traditional IT environment into an optimized system. The technology reduces complexity in the IT environment and eliminates the need for separate systems that must be managed separately. The benefits include faster deployment, fewer sources of error and reduced need for support and specialist skills.

Overall, it gives lower total cost and a more efficient IT environment

Hybrid infrastructure

Are you ready to integrate cloud services in your IT environment?
We offer custom integration solutions with management of physical, virtual and cloud-based systems. Also, IT management functions such as monitoring, capacity planning and cost allocation can be included.

With hybrid solutions, complexity is reduced and provides the capabilities of managing today's IT infrastructure optimally

Within Manage we offer

Products & solutions

We supply carefully selected technology from world leading manufacturers

Consultancy services

Delivering complex solutions in high-availability environments requires experience. You can find this with our qualified consultants

24/7 Operation & Support

Want us to have overall responsibility for the solution? We have the resources to deliver SLA-based services, operate and support all the solutions we offer

Want to know more?

Many businesses have chosen Shibuya to change their way of delivering IT services. They are of different sizes and orientations, but they have something in common.


It is to build a long-term partnership with a committed, competent and experienced partner who can help them change their IT environment without taking risks.


That partner is Shibuya. Contact us and we will tell you more about how we successfully completed projects with our customers.

About Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya has the confidence from leading companies and organizations in Sweden in different industries to ensure that their infrastructure is cost-effective, accessible, scalable and reliable.

Shibuya delivers practical and innovative solutions and services, both customer-unique and standardized.

Shibuya's documented experience of business-critical environments ensures that the results live up to your high expectations - in every step - in every part.

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